Food Service Professionals Workshop

The Messinian land’s unique flavors and pure products were the protagonists at this year’s Messinian gastronomy seminar, which took place the previous week, on the initiative of the “Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos” Foundation, with the participation of a great number of food service professionals.
Seven professionals from the area presented exciting flavor combinations and creative ways to use Messinian products; the venue of the practical part of the seminar filled with colors and aromas, reminding everyone of Messinia’s rich tradition. 
Prior to that, the theoretical part of the seminar had taken place, with a series of interesting talks on the value of integrated management of Messinian gastronomy experiences for every visitor of the area.  
More specifically, at the seminar’s opening talk, Mr. Thodoris Spiliotis discussed the principles of Athonian management, and how they can be put into practice in the organization and operation of a business. Afterwards, Mr. George Pittas focused on the need to create gastronomy communities, with the aim of promoting Greek gastronomy, essentially for the development of the local community as a whole. Mr. Demosthenes Brousalis discussed the value of proper branding and marketing when setting up a restaurant. Concluding the theoretical part, Mr. Charis Tzanis presented the basic rules in order to achieve flavor harmony of food and drink. 
This year’s seminar was part of the 8th Kalamata School of Tourism, in collaboration with the Messinian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and was aimed at a wide audience with an interest in the development of the area’s gastronomy tradition. 
The aim of the Messinian gastronomy seminars, which have been organized by the “Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos” Foundation for the past six years, is to present to the food service and tourism professionals all the current trends and developments in gastronomy, at the same time pointing to an overally sustainable development in Messinia, which will benefit the agricultural sector, society, culture, and the environment. 
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