Educational Olive Oil Tasting Seminar

The “Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos” Foundation, with the support of the Messinian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has organized an educational olive oil tasting seminar, which will take place on Thursday, March 28 2019, at 16:45, at the Elite City Resort hotel in Kalamata.

Dr Antonio Giuseppe Lauro, president of the EVO IOOC International Olive Oil Contest, will once again visit Kalamata in order to host a free-of-charge seminar titled: “How can Greece significantly increase its sales in bottled extra-virgin olive oil?”


How can the Greek quality olive oil industry increase standardized product sales in international markets? In order to penetrate a market today, it is not enough to only talk about “extra-virgin olive oil.”

In fact, there are many olive oils that are sold with that trade name, which is misleading for the consumer. Consequently, we have to talk about the quality characteristics of a product. Entrepreneurs in the field often wonder: Is product quality a major factor in commercial success?

Today quality is not enough; we must take it a step further. You must remember, however, that quality is a prerequisite, without which there is no point in taking on a commercial endeavor, a bottle and a label.

To this day, traditional means have been used to promote olive oil, such as conferences, exhibitions, market guides etc., but this is no longer sufficient. More tools must be employed, such as designation of origin (PDO/PGI), quality accreditations, the internet, social media, VIMEO & YouTube etc. The truth is that Greek producers have already been using those tools for quite some time, but, as I mentioned previously, a “quality system” must be created, which will include new ways of market promotion.

Simply designing a bottle is not enough. It must also contain a "premium" product, which is recognizable (why not talk about bitterness and spiciness to the consumers?), making the customer fall in love with it at first try!

International olive oil contests are a different chapter; take for example EVO, of which I am president, and which has been taking place in Southern Italy for the past 4 years. Participation in the contest on the one hand introduces the winners to a multichannel marketing system offered by the contest, such as online promotion, social media, buyers’ guides, events, seminars, thematic conferences etc.; on the other hand, it contributes to the improvement of quality, by encouraging companies to offer high-quality "premium" products. This is only the first step. 

No one is going to seek you out if you win a contest; you must work on it, and make targeted marketing moves. You must remember though that all this advertising activity puts the companies at risk, which is even greater than your exposure on social media. If you achieve a "premium" level of quality, you must be able to sustain it long-term, and if possible, increase it. Otherwise, you are facing a high risk of losing loyal customers.

The educational seminar is exclusively aimed at olive oil production, standardization and marketing businesses.

If you wish to register, please contact the Messinian Chamber of Commerce and Industry: (tel.) +30 27210 62212, 62200, (email) [email protected].

As places are limited, a strict first come first served basis will be followed.

Below you will find the full program.

Full program


16:45-17:00 Arrival


  • Is quality a major factor in commercial success?
  • Proper quality practices
  • Tasting and commenting on international single- and multi-varietal olive oil

18:30-19:00 Break



  • Quality olive oil exports, current market trends
  • Participation in international competitions – The case of EVO IOOC
  • Tasting and commenting on Greek single- and multi-varietal olive oi