Virtual Museum of the Messinian Diet

The Virtual Museum of the Messinian Diet was envisioned and developed by the Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation. Its aim is to record, study, preserve, present and disseminate the gastronomic heritage of Messinia. One can learn about the nutritional value of the Messinian Diet and the integration of tradition into the modern way of life for wellbeing and longevity. Within this context, the museum presents the Messinian products that have been recorded so far. The selection of the products is based on nutritional and historical criteria, given the fact that they constitute an integral part of the Messinian Diet and its traditional recipes. Many of these products, either the same or variations of these, can also be found in other areas of the Mediterranean.
The traditional recipes that are presented in the Virtual Museum of the Messinian Diet have been passed down from one generation to the other and are fundamental to the culture and tradition of Messinia. The Museum also hosts traditional utensils and tools, which have been used in the past by the local people.

The museological planning has taken into account the presentation of selected traditional elements and the development of a comprehensive modern diet based on Messinian products. Continuously enriching the permanent digital exhibitions of the museum with recipes, traditional and nutritional facts as well as interacting creatively with the visitors will contribute to both the preservation of the local gastronomic and folklore memory and the international acknowledgment and promotion of the Messinian Diet.

We cordially invite you to take a tour!