Talagani is an original hand made cheese from 100% sheep milk. Its name comes from the Vlach word talagan, which refers to the large black sleeveless cape worn by shepherds. Its preparation is based on traditional methods, such as curing the cheese in brine, placing it in molds so the whey can drain, turning it many times during the day so that it stabilizes and holds its shape. Talagani can be consumed on its own or grilled. Its taste reminds Cypriot halloumi but talagani has a softer texture and creamier flavor. It is a modern product based on a family recipe. Sheep farmer Costas Apostolou produced it for the first time at Kyparissia. Talagani cheese was the winner of World Cheese Awards in 2008.


Talagani cheese is an important source of milk protein and calcium. It also contains phosphorus and magnesium, which in combination with the above help develop and maintain a healthy bone system. Furthermore, talagani has a number of vitamins. One is B12, which is essential to energy production and for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Another is vitamin A, which helps maintain eye health and enhances our natural defense mechanisms. Finally, talagani has vitamin D, essential for the absorption of calcium from the human body. Overconsumption should be avoided, though, as talagani is rich in fact, especially saturated, and sodium (salt), both of which have a detrimental effect on our cardiovascular system.
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