Spearmint is a self-seeding plant. However, it is usually planted in gardens and pots to be used as a herb in cooking. The Ancient Greeks used to rub spearmint on their tables before eating. The Egyptians and Chinese attributed many medicinal properties to spearmint and used it to scent their bath water. The English use it in their renowned sauces. Spearmint tea has always been popular throughout the East and since the 6th century spearmint has become the main ingredient for teeth cleaner creams.


Used in the form of tea made by boiling dried leaves, spearmint can be used to treat diarrhea caused by a cold or jaundice. It is considered as a remedy for liver diseases. It is also effective for gallstone treatment. Spearmint has antispasmodic, relaxant, and digestive properties. It helps against insomnia. Used as a skin lotion, spearmint can treat some skin diseases and relieve from rheumatic pain. Spearmint mouthwashes may alleviate the symptoms of oral infections and chewing fresh leaves can help relieve toothaches.

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