Preparation Time 5 min
Persons 4

Wash, peel and chop lettuce, scallions and dill and mix everything together in a salad bowl. Sprinkle with salt and dress with olive oil and excellent quality Messinian vinegar or lemon juice, whisked together. Optionally add cashews and pomegranate. Finally you can add olives.

Nutritional Value

The combination of vegetables like lettuce with fruit like pomegranate and nuts like cashews increases the nutritional value of this salad.

Ingredients :

•        3 tender lettuce, only the core

•        3 scallions

•        chopped dill

•        exceptional quality aromatic vinegar of Messinia or lemon juice

•        ½ cup of fine quality olive oil of Mani

•        Salt (from natural salt pans of Trachila)

•        ½ cup Cashews (nuts, optional)

•        Rocket (optional)

•        Pomegranate (seasonal, optional)