Messinian Liqueurs
Messinian Liqueurs

Liqueurs - from the Latin liquifacere ("to liquefy") -are alcoholic beverages with a great variety of colors and aromas,depending on the particular aromatic agent (lemon, bitter orange and rose blossoms, nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla) that is used in combination with sweeteners and an alcoholbase. Liqueurs are produced by infusing aromatic substances in alcohol and distilling.According to the traditional recipe, the liqueurs are then left in the summer or autumn sun in jars containing sugar. Homemade liqueurs were the traditional treat offering at family feasts and gatherings and were also recommended for the treatment of digestion and as a body stimulant.

Nutritional Value

The main components of liqueurs are alcohol and sugar, that is, ethyl alcohol and simple carbohydrates. Liqueurs do not contain significant amounts of other nutritional substances, such as vitamins or trace minerals, as the nutritional properties of the fruit or herbs are not preserved.

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