Preparation Time 20 min
Cooking Time 80 min
Persons 4


To cook chickpeas, soak them overnight. Otherwise, they can be cooked similarly to beans. Put into a pot, bring to boil and soak for approximately two hours into hot water. Then, they are ready to cook.

Put the chickpeas (preferably not peeled) into a pot along with a couple of large onions, one or two chopped leeks, three or four garlic cloves and a teaspoon of coriander and bukovo (red pepper). Bring the ingredients to boil and cook until they are soft and creamy. Add salt, oregano from Mount Taygetus and fresh olive oil.

Serve with fresh lemon juice.

Combine the chickpea soup with trahana and mizithra:

Cook sour trahana, adding salt, pepper and red saffron from Kozani. When the trahana is ready and quite creamy, stir in the chickpea soup and add mizithra. Τοcreate a delicious dish, fry some bread and put it on top into bites. Another ideal combination is olives and cheese.

Nutritional value:

The combination of chickpeas with trahana is considered ideal from a dietary aspect, since a complete protein derived from animal food (trahana, mizithra) is combined with an incomplete protein derived from plant food (chickpeas) .This results in improving the overall biological value of the protein provided from this particular recipe.

Source: Voula Kyriakeas